This is the store you want to … YP.com – by YP.com user 
This is the store you want to go to for medical supplies. George Nixon and his staff make you feel comfortable and are more than willing to make your experience a positive one. Prices are good, a large inventory and a willingness to help you in any way they can makes this establishment far superior to all similar stores in the area. 
 -User Review – 2011-05-05
This company is worth your time and energy!! YP.com – by YP.com user 
I truly can’t say enough good things about George (the owner) and this company. I live in Woodland and although we have a local medical supply store, I will be using I feel Good Medical Outlet for all our needs. It is worth the 45 minute drive !!! George put me up with “ny yes its on, no its not” all day long. He answered the phone 2 minutes before closing and still delivered the chair I needed within a couple of hours. The company is dedicated, professional, friendly, extremely reasonably priced and worth every penny!! I highly recommend it.  It is so refreshing that in this medical world we are forced to navigate that there is a company that makes it easier and is actually out for the good of their customer! Wow! Thanks George and I eel Good Medical Outlet!
 -User Review – 2010-12-12

Manuel Fairfield , ca 01/22/10 YP.com – by YP.com user 
I came into the I Feel Good Medical Store to inquire about a scooter. I first met a young lady that was very pleasant and helpful. She showed me a few scooters and when I told her I had Medicare, she said no problem let me get you the proper forms to fill out. After going over the forms with me she introduced me to the office manager who also helped me to understand the steps needed to get a scooter through Medicare. After a few weeks I saw my doctor and abe Tiffany the paperwork and she was very prompt in finishing up my claim. Now about a month after coming in to the store, I have my scooter and it is wonderful. I am so grateful for the staff at I Feel Good Medical for their help in getting me a scooter. I would highly recommend them to anyone who might need any medical products. 
 -User Review 2010-01-23
Tremendous Amount of Help insiderpages.com – by Janette W. 
Wonderful! I didn’t know anything about pressure scores on my dad going in … however, I left with confidence that the items the sales woman gave me will heal them up … I will be back and refer friends to them.
 -User Review – 2009-09-04
Yahoo Local By Anonymous 
Excellent service … the girl that worked there was not only pretty but very knowledgeable as well! She went above and beyond what I’m sure her job entails … i.e. putting compression stockings on my mothers …
 -User Review 2009-05-15
Very Helpful Insiderpages.com – by Temia H. 
10.0 out of 5 stars!The staff at I Feel Good is very friendly and knowledgeable … I used to frequent here for supplies I needed in my childcare business. I would absolutely recommend this store!
 -User Reviews 2008-10-02
I Feel Good Medical Outlet Insiderpages.com – By Carol L. 
10.0 of 5 stars. I got my scooter here and bring it up for batteries and have been very pleased with their service. They make the difference between my staying home and getting out and going places. George takes very good care of my scooter. 
 -User Review 2008-07-27
Unbelievable Company  YP.com – by YP.com user 
10.0 of 5 stars! I’m the son of an elderly person living in an assisted living home. Every time I have had a problem with medical suppliers, I Feel Good Medical has been there for me. A couple of times my father was in need of some supplies and I could not get them for me. I called the store and the exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful manager was there to assist me along the way. When we need the supplies delivered, the owner HIMSELF drove it out to my dad’s p lace. I feel very comfortable when I go to this store and I have never been ignored or treated without the upmost consideration and helpfulness. 
 -User Review – 2008-06-26
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